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The Kligers Partners Commercial Group
advises clients on all aspects of their
commercial dealings.

About Kliger Partners

Kliger Partners is a Melbourne law firm providing client-focused services that are innovative, strategic, efficient, prompt, and flexible.

With over 30 years of developing our expertise, we have built strong Partner-led practices in Building and Construction Law; Commercial and Corporate Law; Dispute Resolution including mediation and litigation; Employment and Workplace Relations; Entertainment Law; Estate Group; Family Law; Franchise Law; Insurance; Intellectual Property/IT; Owners Corporations;Property Law; Tourism and Hospitality; and a special interest U.S Group.

Clients tell us that they come to Kligers because we get things done on time, every time, through easily accessible and available Partners that help you make the right legal and commercially strategic decisions.

Latest News


Crowd-sourced equity funding: lots of talk – no action yet

After more than a year of reports and consultation on how to ease the legal framework to allow start-ups’ access to crowd-sourced equity funding, the Minister of Small Business Kelly



Your supply contracts – staying on the right side of the Australian Consumer Law

Certain guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) apply not only to the supply of goods and services to individual consumers but may also apply to supplies to business consumers.



What happens when Trustees are in conflict?

When Trustees are in conflict the Supreme Court has the power to remove a Trustee and appoint a new Trustee in substitution.