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About Kliger Partners

Kliger Partners is a Melbourne law firm providing client-focused services that are innovative, strategic, efficient, prompt, and flexible.

With over 30 years of developing our expertise, we have built strong Partner-led practices in Building and Construction Law; Commercial and Corporate Law; Dispute Resolution including mediation and litigation; Employment and Workplace Relations; Entertainment Law; Estate Group; Family Law; Franchise Law; Insurance; Intellectual Property/IT; Owners Corporations; Property Law; Tourism and Hospitality; and a special interest U.S Group.

Clients tell us that they come to Kligers because we get things done on time, every time, through easily accessible and available Partners that help you make the right legal and commercially strategic decisions.

Latest News


Fee Recovery: Act early or suffer the consequences

When pursuing outstanding owners corporation fees, suing the right person or entity at the right time is critical. If you get this wrong, you will not recover any money.



Use of competitors’ trade marks in Google AdWords keywords and sponsored links – foul or fair?

When using the Google AdWords advertising service, can a business legally use its competitors’ trade marks as keywords and in the headings of sponsored links?



Deducting liquidated damages under the Security of Payment legislation

In Victoria a respondent to a claim made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic) (“Victorian Act”) cannot deduct liquidated damages (owing by a claimant to a respondent) from an amount claimed by a claimant.


Upcoming Events


Employment Law Networking Event - Stories from the Frontline

Kliger Partners is pleased to host drinks with recently retired Commissioner John Lewin. Commissioner Lewin will be speaking to us about his experiences at the Fair Work Commission and Fair Work Australia. more...